Maureen Towey
With Arcade Fire, Maureen has contributed to numerous projects in support of The Suburbs, which won the 2011 Grammy for Album of the Year. Her work has supported projects such as the 2010-2011 stage show, 2011 Grammys performance (including choreography for world-class BMX riders), Summer Into Dust installation for Coachella (Chris Milk/Moment Factory), interactive video The Wilderness Downtown (Chris Milk/Google), the live broadcast of the Arcade Fire concert at Madison Square Garden (dir. Terry Gilliam), Scenes from the Suburbs (Spike Jonze short film), numerous photo shoots and photo edits, and all guest designs for merchandise.

Maureen also contributes to the bands outreach activities in Haiti including a major partnership with Partners in Health.


For a Scenes from the Suburbs trailer, look here

Poster design by Caroline Robert

The packaging for Scenes from the Suburbs DVD won a 2012 Grammy! We're all very proud.
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